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6061 Aluminum plate

6061 is a common duralumin with good machinability and moderate strength. 6061 is a heat-treatable alloy with good formability, weldability, machinability, and moderate strength.

Classification :


6061 is a common duralumin with good machinability and moderate strength. 6061 is a heat-treatable alloy with good formability, weldability, machinability, and moderate strength. It can still maintain good operation after annealing.
The main alloying elements of 6061 alloy are magnesium and silicon, and form Ma2Si phase. If there is a certain amount of manganese and chromium, the bad effect of iron can be neutralized. Sometimes add a small amount of copper or zinc, in order to improve the strength of the alloy, and do not make its corrosion resistance has a significant reduction, there is a small amount of copper in the conductive material, to offset the bad effect of titanium and iron on electrical conductivity; Zirconium or titanium can refine grain and control recrystallization structure. Lead and bismuth are added to improve machinability. Mq2Si is solidly dissolved in aluminum, which makes the alloy have artificial age hardening function.

Aluminum is a silver-white light metal, relatively soft, density 2.7g/cm3, melting point 660.4℃, boiling point 2467℃, aluminum and aluminum alloys have many excellent physical properties, has been very widely used. Aluminum has good reflection performance of light, reflecting ultraviolet light is stronger than silver, the purer aluminum is, its reflection ability is better, and the method of vacuum aluminum plating is commonly used to make high-quality mirrors. Vacuum aluminized film combined with polysilicon film becomes a cheap and lightweight solar cell material. Aluminum powder can maintain a silvery luster, often used to make paint, commonly known as silver powder. Pure aluminum conducts electricity very well, second only to silver and copper. In the electric power industry, it can replace part of copper for wires and cables. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat. It can be used to make various heat exchangers, heat dissipating materials and civil cookers in industry. Aluminum has good ductility, can be drawn into a fine wire, rolled into a variety of aluminum products, but also can be made into thinner than 0.01mm aluminum foil, widely used in packaging cigarettes, candy, etc.. Aluminum alloy has some better properties than pure aluminum, which greatly expands the application range of aluminum. For example, pure aluminum is soft, when a certain amount of copper, magnesium, manganese and other metals are added to aluminum, the strength can be greatly improved, almost equivalent to steel, and the density is small, not easy to rust, widely used in aircraft, cars, trains, ships, artificial satellites, rockets manufacturing. At -196 ° C, some steel is as brittle as glass, while some aluminum alloys increase in strength and toughness, making them cheap and lightweight cryogenic materials that can be used to store liquid oxygen and hydrogen for rocket fuel.


Thickness             0.1-400mm,etc             Length:              100-12000mm,or as required            
Width              20-3000mm,etc             Standard:             ASTM,AISI,JIS,GB, DIN,EN            
Certification:              ISO, SGS,BV            
Surface finish             mill,bright,polished,hair line,brush,sand Blast,checkered,embossed,etching,etc            
Grade             1000 Series: 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 1235 etc.            
3000 Series: 3003 3004 3005 3104 3105 3A21 etc.            
5000 Series: 5005 5052 5083 5086 5154 5182 5251 5754 etc.            
6000 Series: 6061 6063 6082 6A02 etc.            
7000 Series: 7050 7475 7075 etc.            
Temper             H12,H14,H16,H18,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H36,H38,HO,H111,H112,H114,H116,H118,H321.            
Payment Terms             T/T, L/C at sight,West Union          Loading port             any port in China            
Packing             standard export packing (inside:water proof paper,outside:steel covered with strips and pallets)            
Container size             20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)
40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)
40ft HC:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2698mm(High)

Warehouse storage

Our products has been wildly sold to Northeast, North China, East China, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and ect...Total area of our cooperation factory is approximately 58, 000 square meters, and registered capital is RMB 10 million Yuan, and fixed assets is RMB 50 million Yuan.


Packaging and shipping

The company specializes in selling steel, with best-selling products including PPGI, galvanized steel coil, steel plate, stainless steel plate, seamless welded steel pipe, aluminum coil, angle steel, H-shaped steel beam, and threaded steel. The product performance indicators have reached the advanced level in China. Our products have been widely sold to Northeast, North China, East China, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc


Customer communication

With the strategic thought of striving for survival on the basis of quality and development on the basis of benefit, adhering to management idea of "faith, practical, innovation, and development", we have courage to challenge, and keep continuous innovation in the competition.


Application area

We also do our unremitting efforts to fight bravely for creating a national brand and international brand. Holding to the intellectual businessman of style and the spirit of sincerity, all staff of our company are willing to cooperate and develop together with you.




What ports of shipment are there?

A:Under normal circumstances, we ship from Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo ports, you can specify other ports according to your needs.

What product information do I need to provide?

A:Please kindly provide the grade, width, thickness, surface treatment requirement should you have and quantities you need to purchase.

Do you provide custom made Products service?

A: Yes,if you have your own design , we can produce according to your specification and drawing.

What about product prices information?

A:Prices various according to periodic price changes of raw materials.

Can you send samples?

A:Of course, we can provide customers with free samples and express shipping service to all over of the world.

It's my first time to import steel products, can you help me with it?

A:Sure,we have agent to arrange the shipment, we will do it together with you.